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Hello, what are you looking for today? 

I'm Sophia. Im a weight loss coach & personal trainer.

Things I can offer you:
- 12 Week Weight Loss Plans with amazing sustainable results. 
- In person classes and personal training at my studio venue in New Milton, UK. 

- The Feel Great Cleanse. A nutritious, boosting twice a year cleanse with a fantastic support group online.


Love, Sophia x

Client testimonials 

"Sophia created an incredibly safe and encouraging space which made me feel completely comfortable. By setting achievable goals I was able to create new, better habits for myself. We were able to reflect and change my goals throughout the programme. Each session was flexible and rewarding. 

The lack of deprivation and restriction has nurtured my relationship with food and allowed me to shift my focus with weight loss to a much healthier mindset. 


Sophia's knowledge, generosity and skills have allowed me to feel happier and healthier and I can't wait to continue my health coaching experience!"

- Lucy, Graduate of the

12 Week Weight Loss Programme 

Lucy has just renewed with me for a further 90 days. Go Lucy, you've got this! 

Are you ready to finally ditch the diets and feel amazing again?


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