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So, you fancy doing
The Feel Great Cleanse?
Come join us! 


“I'm loving the food and, remarkably, when I've always said I could only lose weight by going low carb, I've lost 6lbs in 8 days. It's motivated me to start running again too as my energy levels are up. I'd not been out since the end of October  but I managed 2.5 miles on Tuesday and 4 miles yesterday which I'm really pleased with!"

— Sarah, Member of the January 2021 Cleanse

"I'm feeling great. I have been eating like a queen! Yesterday I made the baked beans from your booklet (amazing and I hate tinned beans) - have them for two lunches. Also made a large batch of ratatouille which I had with a sweet baked potato on Monday night and baked cod last night. Tonight, we've just had Spanish Chicken from this recipe - very easy, delicious and the whole family loved it!"

— Felicity, Member of the January 2021 Cleanse


Hear from others who have previously completed the cleanse...

All pictures and reviews you see below are exact word for word reviews and photographs from genuine cleanse clients. 


"Thank you Sophia for encouraging me to take part in the cleanse. It is definitely what my body needed after an over indulgent Christmas. A January cleanse is a good way to start the year.

I’ve lost 7, almost 8lbs, and actually enjoyed doing it.

I’ve found so many new recipes that I love, especially the banana nice cream and the sorbets - so easy and simple! I have also found a new love for smoothies which is great for breakfast.

You are incredible at what you do, and I love taking part in all of the sessions you do.

I am definitely going to continue now with what I have been doing over the last 3 weeks.

Thank you!"

- Ashlie

"I've loved it Sophia. I've really enjoyed just focusing on eating good things for a bit rather than on what's the lowest fat/lowest carbs/lowest calories. As it happens I've still lost 7.3lbs since the 4th January without actually concentrating on losing weight (I'm ready for that in the next phase  ). More than that though, as I've said on another post, it's massively helped with my psoriasis and joint pain. Thank you!"

- Sarah


"Thanks Sophia!! I’ve had loads more energy thanks to the cleanse. I’m even doing gardening!!!! I’ve loved feeling lighter and no bloating or heartburn. Going forward I think I will keep the carbs to a minimum! I’ve lost 2.3 kgs (yes I work in kilos and no I don’t understand pounds ) I’m going to keep going with the plant based alternatives!"


- Lisa 

"I feel great. Thank you Sophia for introducing this into my life!! Honestly I feel on top of the world and more in control than ever. Looking forward to a few things when it is done but I’m going to try to keep these good habits going. Thanks again"

- Amy


"I tried the banana pancake recipes today! So easy and tasty!"

- Abbie

"I loved it too!"

- Lesley


A picture sent from the last cleanse - A fresh food shop! Ready to feel amazing! 

Are you ready to join The Feel Great Cleanse?

How do you know if its time for a cleanse?

  • Do you get bloated after eating or in the evenings?

  • Do you tend to gain weight easily, especially in your belly?

  • Do you have headaches MORE than occasionally?

  • Do you get gurgling or gassy bubbling in your bellly?

  • Do you crave sugary or starchy foods?

  • Do you feel anxious, upset. nervous or grumpy?

  • Do you feel like your body needs a reset to get you back on track?

  • Are you fed up of feeling tired, unmotivated and stuck in a rut?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, you will greatly benefit from this FEEL GREAT CLEANSE! Lets find out how to get started...

How does the cleanse work?

Here is the Step by Step of how the cleanse works.


1. Week 1 of the cleanse - "Pre Cleanse Phase"

We begin to start weaning off the 6 food groups that we indulge the most in. This week is a gradual weaning week preparing us for week 2. This week we have the chance to review the dietary guidelines and supply list, then go shopping so you have what you need before you begin your cleanse.

2. Week 2 of the cleanse - " The Cleanse" 

The big question on most people’s minds when they begin a cleanse is “What the heck do I eat?” During the cleanse phase we are focusing on simple, clean foods that are easy to prepare and easy to digest. This protocol is designed to eliminate major foods that cause inflammation and digestive issues. You will see that there are plenty of foods to choose from! One of the core strategies here is to focus on what you get to have, not what you don’t get to have.

3. Week 3 of the cleanse - "Re - Introduction"

The purpose of the Re-Introduction Phase is to identify potential food sensitivities and intolerances. These are foods that may have been causing you toxic reactions before starting the cleanse without realising it. One of the key reasons you feel better on the cleanse is because you’ve removed the most common irritants and given your digestive and immune systems a reset.

How do I know what to eat?

As soon as you sign up to the cleanse you will receive a gorgeous PDF booklet. Inside this booklet you will find food lists, example menu plans and recipes. You can choose to follow the menu plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks already pre set OR you can use it as a guide. Either way you will have lots of ideas for all meals!

We don't want you to feel empty and hungry. We want you to feel energised and full of nutrient rich foods that make you feel great from the inside\out. 

Do I do this cleanse on my own?

Absolutely not!

As soon as you sign up to The Feel Great Cleanse you will be invited into our private Facebook group.

This group is the main hub during the cleanse. At the beginning of each week I will go live in the group explaining what you have to do that week. You will know exactly what you're doing every step along the way of the cleanse. During the three weeks all cleanse participants are encouraged to use the Facebook group to upload recipes, ask questions, find out how others are doing and be part of the online Facebook cleanse community. 

I will be available online 24/7 to help you as we go.  

How to join the cleanse

The next cleanse starts:

January 2023

Cleanse packages will go on sale mid November 

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